Extended Warranties

What is an Extended Service Plan?

An ESP provides coverage for unexpected repairs that would otherwise require an out of pocket expense. Coverage varies by ESP type, and ranges from protection for limited, major repairs only to very comprehensive coverage that encompasses virtually every component on the vehicle.

How does an ESP differ from a factory warranty?

ESP’s usually provide coverage that begins immediately upon expiration of the factory warranty. Factory warranties expire either at the end of their calendar term or upon the vehicle recording the mileage limit of the warranty, whichever occurs first. Factory warranties may offer some coverage for items that ESP’s don’t cover and, ESP’s often provide generous coverage for certain repairs and incidents that would not have been covered by the factory warranty.

What types of coverage can ESP’s offer?

ESP’s are available in three major categories. Within these categories there are many different types of coverage. The three categories are:

  • Full coverage, stated exclusions only. This is the most complete coverage available and often provides roadside assistance, emergency lodging, loaner cars and other extras other ESP’s don’t offer.
  • Limited coverage, stated coverage only. Good coverage with some exclusions.
  • Limited coverage, limited stated major components only. Limited coverage, but covers many of the key, expensive components associated with the engine and drive train only.

All plans offer choices of deductibles, ranging from $0-$200, and provide the purchaser options to choose whichever best meets their needs.

When is the right time to make a purchase decision?

It is very important to consider purchasing your ESP towards the end of but not after the factory warranty expiration. Typically clients choose to buy an ESP 3-6 months before the factory warranty expires. If the factory warranty does expire most ESP’s are no longer available for purchase, and the few that are will be much more costly than if purchased while the car is still under factory warranty.

What steps are involved when buying an ESP?

In order to establish the condition of the major components of a vehicle immediately prior to purchasing an ESP, the car must incur a brief 28-point inspection by a Motor Werks Service Technician. This inspection ensures that the car is in good working order and requires no major mechanical or safety related repairs. The inspection takes less than an hour and cars that pass are immediately eligible for an ESP purchase.

I’ve heard that some plans may be expensive – are they?

Depending upon coverage some plans are actually very reasonable, in fact one covered repair often pays for the entire cost of several years of coverage!

Do I have to pay for the entire ESP at once?

You’ll be pleased to learn that most of the ESP’s Motor Werks offers are available via 12-month payment schedules at 0% interest – in effect, free financing!

What should I look for when considering purchasing a service plan?

The four most important things to consider when buying a plan are:

  • Is it fully insured and by whom?
  • Does it provide clear and practical coverage?
  • How easy is it to make and complete a covered claim?
  • Can the plan be transferred, cancelled or renewed?

Motor Werks offers only the best plans; each is fully insured by a major, national A.M. Best A rated insurer. This means that regardless of the financial stability of Motor Werks, the plans it markets are all fully insured and claims reserves are guaranteed to be available to process and pay for claims.

Coverage terms and limits are all clearly spelled out for every plan offered and only the very best, customer oriented plans are offered – you won’t find hidden exclusions or stipulations with our ESP’s. They are designed to be user friendly and to deliver exactly what they state they will.

Claims couldn’t be easier to process. To our customers, coverage and the claim process is virtually invisible. We assess the claim, process quick, same day approvals, and perform all approved repairs per the particular coverage you have purchased. There are no forms to fill out, nor lengthy delays waiting for approval – it’s the same level of service Motor Werks is famous for!

Our plans are transferable to another eligible car in the event you change cars sooner than expected. They are also cancelable – if after time your coverage needs to be changed, the pro-rated remaining portion of your ESP will be refunded to you!

What steps should I take to learn more about a Motor Werks ESP?

Please take a moment to identify your car make, model and year. Record the odometer mileage and confirm the date of original purchase (Motor Werks can assist you in confirming the original date of purchase). Please contact us to discuss specific options for coverage and pricing. Don’t forget to ask about any ongoing promotions or specials!