Motor Werks Perks

Motor Werks Perks

Our obsession with providing the absolute best experience just went further. Download our new loyalty app today.

Unlock Your Perks

Designed with you, a Motor Werks vehicle owner, in mind, Motor Werks Perks bundles all the perks of being a Motor Werks vehicle owner into one convenient mobile app. Shop, service, earn rewards, and unlock valuable perks.

Register using the same email address you used at Motor Werks.

All your pertinent vehicle information in one place, monitor vehicle service, add a photo, and expand your garage when you’re ready!

Choose your preferred dealership and schedule service appointments, you can also do this from your garage.

Update your profile photo, view your perks and track your path to the next perks tier.

Choose a card to pull up your access pass and spend your perks right here at the campus!

Express Lane Access

Skip the line and save time – Motor Werks Perks enables you access to our dedicated express lane for app users only.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in?

First use your Apple or Google Username and Password to be verified. Next, use the Name, Phone Number and email address that you have used when doing business with Motor Werks in your history with us. If you have trouble, or this information needs to be updated, please contact [email protected].

How do I earn points?

Points are earned each time you make a transaction with Motor Werks. Items such as buying and servicing a car with us add to your point total. Also, financing, trading in vehicles and buying warranty and insurance plans add to the total.

Purchase a Vehicle (Including Lease)
Insurance Products
Warranty Products
Service for Repairs Under Warranty
Finance a Vehicle (Including Lease)
Service for Out of Warranty Work
Trade-In a Vehicle

How is tier determined and can it change?

The tier is determined by our algorithm based on the number of cars that you purchase and the number of points that you have over the last 60 calendar months. Because of this, your tier can move up and down as points are added or, as points expire.

When will my rewards renew?

When you sign into the Motor Werks Perks app, you create what we call the Registration Date. This becomes the renewal date for your rewards and perks balances.

How do I add a car (or delete one) to the garage page of my app?

First, click on the “Garage” icon at the bottom of the app. Then select “Edit” at the top. Here you will get a list of cars that you have Motor Werks history with. Select the cars that you wish to be active, and press SAVE.

How do I customize my user profile image?

First click on “My Profile” at the bottom of the app. Next, click on the camera image at the top. This will allow you to take a picture or add one from your photos so that you have a custom picture for your profile.

How do I add a picture of my car to the app?

First, click on the “Garage” button at the bottom of the app. Next, click on the image of the car that you wish to replace. Then, click on the camera image at the top and add a picture so that your garage is unique to you and your car.

How do I use the app for the Café and Wash Werks?

Click on the “Wallet” icon at the bottom of the app and choose the card that you would like to use for redeeming your loyalty credit. This will produce a QR code that you can scan at the Café or in the App Only lane at Wash Werks.